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Braid Shampoo

Braid Shampoo

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Dosso Beauty's organic, clarifying Braid Shampoo removes product buildup on edges and protective styles - all without modifying your hairstyle!

This shampoo is perfect to use while your hair is styled in knotless braids, cornrows, twists, slick-backs, ponytails and so much more. It's also perfect for cleansing your edges from the previous day’s product so that you can style them with a clean canvas.

Our Braid Shampoo is 3.5 ounces - the perfect product to cleanse your scalp/hair in between protective styles, while you’re on vacation or whenever you feel like your scalp needs a bit of a refresh.

Key benefits of our Braid Shampoo:
Clarifying and cleansing to the scalp, all without disrupting your hair style
Eliminates product build-up on your scalp and edges
Organic alternative to an ACV rinse - at home, without the harsh smell and brittle residue
Travel-friendly size

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