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My new go-to braiding hair!

I was surprised at how light the hair is, even after braiding! It also does not tangle as I am putting the braids in, perfection!

Beard Balm
John G.
Great for moisture retention and shaping!

This balm is awesome. Really helps me to lock in moisture for my beard. It has enough hold to help me keep my beard in a nice shape in between trims without making it hard like some other balms out there. I cut hair on the side and always recommend this product as well as all the other Dosso Beauty products to my customers. Try it out for yourself!

Beard Comb
Isaiah Simpson
Great comb for heavy beards

I have a full beard and its nothing worst then a comb getting stuck in your beard all while pulling hairs out because its entangled. This comb is the opposite it's made from wood with oils that have been saturated in it that causes it not to tangle. Excellent for combing shampoo,conditioner and oil thru your beard!

Beard Brush
Isaiah Simpson
Great brush for hair and beard!

I use this brush almost every day. It's good for my waves and brushing down my beard!

Perfect Beard Comb

Incredibly smooth comb. It does not tear at the hair and sifts through it as if it were wet.

Hydrated & Nourished Beard!

I use several Dosso Beauty products, and make it a point to use this product every day when I shower. This conditioner is the reason why my beard is incredibly soft and healthy.

Doesn't Disappoint!

I’ve tried several products on my beard and this works the best. Great smelling too

Perfect Combo

Lip-liners are super smooth , very pigmented, works great with lipsticks and glosses

Creamy Concealer
Cecelia Ynoa Lantigua
This makeup is like magic

I found it to be light and the coverage was wonderful.

Great quality and color

Some beauticians I bring this hair to say that it isn't as easy to work with as Kanekalon/Hair Xpressions brand hair is, but this works for me. I like the color. I do wish it was offered in different lengths, though.

Best Edge band I’ve used!

Literally the best elastic edge band I’ve used to date to lay my edges and melt my wigs. The material is super soft and doesn’t hurt your head like traditional melt bands. Also love that the Velcro on the back is strong! Love it!

Salon Manager

Loved the hair, I have been talking to my boss about connecting with you guys to use as out main supply of braiding hair. I ordered it for myself and then my sister order it for her daughters. We would love to connect so we can do business.


The hair is good, doesnt cause any itch but it tangles very badly during and after braiding. This made the braiding process very difficult and once the braids were done the ends of my braids are super tangled. I reached out to customer service to return a few packs of hair but never got a response..

Great find

I havent had braids in 5 years after a terrible breakout from braiding hair. This summer I was determined to try again, but only with a black beauty brand...who hopefully would care more about their products and the black women scalps they went in. I found Dosso after some googling and entire purchase experience was fantastic; good site, fast shipping, and quality product delivered. The hair is super soft tangle free, and non irritating! Im excited tonspread the word about Dosso Beauty!.


The creamy concealer is fantastic!! It’s full coverage but not too heavy. It goes on smooth and can be paired effortlessly** with my favorite foundations. I highly recommend everyone give this hidden gem a try, you won’t regret it!😍 I’m wearing CC38!

Lip Liner
Kristen Campbell

Babyyyyyy…this chocolate liner is my go to for everything. I wear it almost every day and it’s perfect with my nude lipsticks and shimmer glosses. My fav combo is this Liner with PTO gloss. Like I said, it’s EVERYTHING!

Perfect liner!

Love this liner. Perfect everyday liner or going out. One of my fav products!

Lip Liner
Imani Collins
The Perfect Liner!

By far the best brown liner I have used. Super creamy and versatile. Loved it so much I am on my 3rd one!


Dosso Beauty’s creamy concealer is literally my go-to concealer for any occasion. It’s super lightweight, smooth application, yet full coverage. I love it!
I am wearing shade CC44.

Dosso Beauty Braid Box
Janelle Hendrix
Love love love this

This is literally a bang for your buck. Not only do you get your hair for your install but everything else to keep it looking good afterwards. I absolutely love this ombré color and got tons of compliments during vacation. Will definitely be buying my hair strictly from here from now on.

Everything I need in 1 box!

I love the braid box because it has everything I need for my braid install in one box. It’s an easy checkout for someone who has a demanding career like me and it’s truly a steal!

Truly itch-free and lightweight!

A great alternative for the soft Locs kit!

A go to hair style that’s lightweight and saves time

I am obsessed with the Soft Locs Kit! It has everything you need for the perfect protective style and it does not have nearly as much tension on my hair as the hand wrapped faux Locs. These Locs are not itchy and even the spring twists that are wrapped around the top is itch-free as well. This is a go to style for me because I can keep them in for 6 weeks, wash them while they’re installed and make them look FRESH again in no time!

This product saved my drain!

Before I started using my Eco-friendly curl catcher my drain would be clogged every two months. As a curly girl who washes her hair every two weeks I always had a hard time with making sure my drain was cleared.

The curl catcher literally does what it’s name says. As I’m washing my hair it catches the curls from going down the drain and makes it super easy to dispose of!

Keeps my edge laid ALL Day

This is one of my favorite products because it’s quick and efficient! As soon as I style my edges with Dosso Beauty Edge Control and Edge Brush, I use the Elastic Edge Band for 5 minutes and my edges are literally laid for the rest of the day!