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Caused itching

Hello, super disappointed to report back that after all the research I did to find hair safe for my scalp, before spending $150 for a braided bun. I came across this brand and and was so excited because it appears this brand was created for those who’ve experienced terrible outcomes from traditional braiding hair.
After 3 days of the braided bun, my scalp began to itch and have the burning sensation I remember from the chemical processed hair. On day 5 I removed the style and had to spend even more money for a shampoo and style while on vacation which was out of budget and completely unplanned. The word part is after washing my hair, my scalp was still super red and in some areas a small rash at the back of my neck broke out.
I bought 8 packs of this hair, only used 2. Not sure what to do at this point. Disappointed and hopeless for sure.

Smooth Skin!!

When saw that Kadidja's (CEO of Dosso Beauty) skin looked like she had makeup on but she didn't, I knew it was time to grab these products. They feel amazing on the skin and they're extremely hydrating in these winter months.

Love Dosso

Only braiding hair that doesn't irritate my scalp or have me itching at it throughout the day. This hair is worth the money & it's so natural looking 😍

Finally I hit the Jackpot!!

I’m fairly new to extensions. The 1st and 2nd time I bought another brand it was ok. 3rd they bought random hair while out of town. I literally dug I’m my scalp.. washing didn’t help so I took it out 3weeks in. 4th time went back to original brand. Scalp itching again. Searched online and found out it’s a thing. I found a suggestion for Dosso hair on a Black owned business site. This was my final attempt to find non- allergenic hair. Gurl.. let me tell you. I won’t ever use any other hair. No smell, I could tell it has been washed. I have knotless braids and usually need mousse. My stylist loved the hair and told me I don’t need anything other wash and keep my scalp oiled. It was packaged neatly I’m 5 weeks I’m and happy.

Bundle package

The bundle pack was beautifully put together with all the key products needed for my upcoming braid install. The customer service support prior to ordering gave me the confidence and assurance I was getting everything I needed.

Perfect for my fall look

I originally found this brand through a post on Black-owned businesses. My first purchase was through Amazon, but this time I wanted to buy direct from the vendor. I bought a three-pack of 28” 1B and three 28” 1B to purple ombré. The 1B blends beautifully with my own color. For my knotless braids style, I used ~2.5 packs of mostly the black/purple ombré. I used a bit of oil to help with braiding. I trimmed a little to make the length more manageable, used thinning shears to reduce bulk at the ends. (I just gathered and snipped along a width of 2-3 inches. The used the hot water dip to set them. It came out gorgeous. The purple is subtle. I can wear my style in the office or out on the town. The hair is soft and lightweight so I can just put it in a bun for my workouts. And— I have my other hair on deck
for when I’m ready to change things up again. Great product.

Love The Hair

I got Fulani Braids done by the Africans and there was some tangling but very minimal still manageable if you’re good with braiding. It did well when sealing it with hot water. I haven’t had any itching or irritation and it’s been a little over a week. I’ve been oiling my scalp with castor oil and leave conditioner hair doesn’t have a bad scent at all.

Would order again and highly recommend

Best Hair Ever!

Ive been wearing braids for as long as Brandy, and this is by far the best hair that Ive ever used. I try to keep extra bundles on hand so that I never run out.

DOSSO Hair is itch and tangle free! I have taken braids out and been able to reuse some hair without and mess.
I am a customer for life!

Whipped Shea Butter
Brian Wilson

Got the whipped shea butter for my girl and I! All I can say is we both love it! From the way it smells to the way it leaves out skin feeling nice and smooth ! Definitely will purchase again !

Great product!

Whenever I use Dosso's hypoallergenic hair, I feel safe knowing that I am installing quality product into my hair. I never experience itching, the hair doesn't tangle and it still looks good after being braided for two weeks.

Loved this hair!

This was my first time purchasing hair from this company and will definitely be purchasing again. My daughter’s scalp is usually itchy and irritated by braiding hair but this didn’t irritate hair head at all and we didn’t even have to wash it first. Im not a professional braider but it was VERY easy to work with. I usually end up wasting a lot of hair due to tangles but this hair was completely tangle free. Customer service was also great!


Kadidja is very knowledgeable in business and I always feel lucky to gain from her expertise. I walked away from our time together with tangible tips, new insight and next actions step. I would highly recommend her services and qill be returning without a doubt.

great product!

This product is great. I have ordered it more than once!

My new go-to braiding hair!

I was surprised at how light the hair is, even after braiding! It also does not tangle as I am putting the braids in, perfection!

Beard Balm
John G.
Great for moisture retention and shaping!

This balm is awesome. Really helps me to lock in moisture for my beard. It has enough hold to help me keep my beard in a nice shape in between trims without making it hard like some other balms out there. I cut hair on the side and always recommend this product as well as all the other Dosso Beauty products to my customers. Try it out for yourself!

Beard Comb
Isaiah Simpson
Great comb for heavy beards

I have a full beard and its nothing worst then a comb getting stuck in your beard all while pulling hairs out because its entangled. This comb is the opposite it's made from wood with oils that have been saturated in it that causes it not to tangle. Excellent for combing shampoo,conditioner and oil thru your beard!

Beard Brush
Isaiah Simpson
Great brush for hair and beard!

I use this brush almost every day. It's good for my waves and brushing down my beard!

Perfect Beard Comb

Incredibly smooth comb. It does not tear at the hair and sifts through it as if it were wet.

Hydrated & Nourished Beard!

I use several Dosso Beauty products, and make it a point to use this product every day when I shower. This conditioner is the reason why my beard is incredibly soft and healthy.

Doesn't Disappoint!

I’ve tried several products on my beard and this works the best. Great smelling too

Perfect Combo

Lip-liners are super smooth , very pigmented, works great with lipsticks and glosses

Creamy Concealer
Cecelia Ynoa Lantigua
This makeup is like magic

I found it to be light and the coverage was wonderful.

Great quality and color

Some beauticians I bring this hair to say that it isn't as easy to work with as Kanekalon/Hair Xpressions brand hair is, but this works for me. I like the color. I do wish it was offered in different lengths, though.

Best Edge band I’ve used!

Literally the best elastic edge band I’ve used to date to lay my edges and melt my wigs. The material is super soft and doesn’t hurt your head like traditional melt bands. Also love that the Velcro on the back is strong! Love it!

Salon Manager

Loved the hair, I have been talking to my boss about connecting with you guys to use as out main supply of braiding hair. I ordered it for myself and then my sister order it for her daughters. We would love to connect so we can do business.