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Braid Control

Braid Control

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Experience the perfect braids and sleek ponytails every time with Braid Control's unique formula of braiding gel and firm-hold styling. Loc Retwists keep hair in place even in humidity, so you'll stay looking great all day long.

Dosso Beauty Braid Control Gel is a braiding gel used for precise parting, controlling frizz, loc retwists, and styling hair. The Braid Control is free of alcohol, sulfates and parabens.

Directions: For Braiding - Part clean/product free hair into sections using a rat tail comb and apply product with fingertip through the section. Go over each section with a comb after product is applied to achieve cleaner parts. Smooth a dime sized amount of product onto the hair and begin braiding! For Locs: Apply a dime sized amount of product to the root of the loc. Comb product through the new growth to distribute evenly and retwist loc. Replace cap tightly after each use and store at room temperature.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The GOAT Braiding Gel! Love how it smells, how it snatches my hair without feeling heavy or greasy. Great for braids, slick ponytails and twists!

Arianna P.
Another One! 🤩

I am not disappointed! The way this gel feels and works is phenomenal. A little really goes a long way. It’s clear, has a light fragrance, and a tacky, but not sticky feel. It allows you to control and slick down hair, creating clean parts and keeping hair together neatly. If you’ve been looking for a product that doesn’t leave buildup/residue, hair controlling—get this product asap!

I'm thrilled to hear how much you're loving the gel! Your detailed description of its qualities is truly helpful. It's great that a small amount goes a long way and that it provides control without being sticky. Your recommendation for those seeking clean, residue-free hair control is much appreciated. Enjoy your neatly styled hair!

This stuff is great!!

I used this to part my updo and it held up so well.
Smells great, and didn't break my head out, which is the best part!

It's wonderful that the product worked so effectively for your updo, providing strong hold. The fact that it has a pleasant scent and is gentle on your skin makes it even better. Thanks for sharing your positive experience – happy styling!

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