Hair Care Tips: Healthy Hair Is Happy Hair, Dosso Beauty Tips

Hair Care Tips: Healthy Hair Is Happy Hair

Healthy hair starts at the roots! The health of your scalp directly translates to the health of your hair. So washing it will replenish and nourish your hair strands. Clean hair is important to maintain the health of both your scalp and hair to keep your tresses flowing. Clean hair creates healthy hair! It's important that you keep your hair clean, and Dosso Beauty has the perfect solution for you.

How Many Times Should You Wash Your Hair?

Washing your hair promotes growth and keeps it moisturized! You should wash your hair once every week or every other week depending on how dirty your hair gets. You should also deep condition your hair at least twice a month to promote growth and stimulation of the scalp.

What Kind of Shampoo Should I Use?

Using a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo is key to keeping your hair moisturized and reducing irritation. This will make your wash day experience easier since your hair will be easier to detangle and less prone to breakage or stress on your scalp.

What Are the Benefits of Washing My Hair?

It Acts Like Skin Care

Washing your hair is a form of skin care but for your natural tresses. It should be a part of your hygiene routine in order to form a good relationship with your hair.

It's Won’t Damage Your Hair

Washing your hair brings you more benefits than not. You are moisturizing your tresses and keeping your scalp healthy in the process!

It's the First Step when Styling

If you want to have a great outcome to any hairstyle you must wash your hair! It’ll restore the shine and hydration of your hair giving it a healthy look. All the product build-up, sweat, and more will get in the way of your perfect style – washing your hair first will help you have the perfect style you’re looking for.

So, What Shampoo Should I Use?

Tap into Dosso Beauty’s Braid Shampoo! Our shampoo is made of special ingredients like coconut oil which moisturizes your hair, restores hydration, reduces dandruff and removes buildup to keep your braid looking fresh.


Dosso Beauty's organic, clarifying Braid Shampoo removes product buildup on edges and protective styles - all without modifying your hairstyle!

This shampoo is perfect to use while your hair is styled in knotless braids, cornrows, twists, slick-backs, ponytails and so much more. It's also perfect for cleansing your edges from the previous day’s product so that you can style them with a clean canvas.


Dosso Beauty’s Wash Day Essentials

We’re here to make Wash Day easier! Elevate your #WashDay with Dosso Beauty Wash Day Essentials. This collection is perfect because it includes all 4 products that you need to improve of your hair on Wash Day.


Our Wash Day Essentials Collection includes:


Braid Shampoo

Eco-Friendly Curl Catcher

Silicone Scalp Massager

Recyclable Detangling Brush


Grab everything you need for #WashDay here! Don’t forget to grab our Hair Elixir to seal your ends once you’re done for a truly seamless look. 

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