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3 Bundle Pack Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair

3 Bundle Pack Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair

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Save your scalp - and prep time on your braid install - with Dosso Beauty's Bestselling 3-Pack Braiding Hair Bundle!

This pack comes with:
3 packs of 28" braiding hair (255g)

Benefits of our braiding hair include:
Pre-stretched & pre-layered hair to help prevent waste and ease styling
Itch-free + hypoallergenic - no need to pre-wash braiding hair before installing
Fast drying
Soft & lightweight
Flame retardant
Hot water set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

This hair is 1 of 1! Top tier, high quality and the best part is that it’s soft and does not itch!


Gorgeous color! Great quality hair and it’s non-itch

This Needs to Be More Well Known!

This story, by one of my braiders will encapsulate the need for this product perfectly.
She was going on vacation and decided to braid her hair. She spent HOURS installing them, and afterwards they looked gorgeous. For whatever reason, she decided to wear a wig on her head for the plane ride over.

After 2 hours and 12 minutes, cruising 36,000 feet in the air, in row 26C - it happened.
She ripped her wig off and started to take her braids out. She couldn't take it anymore!
Her braiding hair was itching and burning her scalp so bad that she needed RELIEF from this disrespect happening to her follicles, immediately!

She asked the stewardess for a plastic bag, and got to work on the takeout, while her seat mates secretly filmed her to post on Reddit or Instagram, she assumes. LOL!

And Dosso hair is the antithesis of this REGULAR occurrence!

I took this hair out of the bag, no ACV soak needed beforehand, had it installed and have had ZERO problems with it!
It's surprisingly light - like real hair.
No tangle problems.
No odd odors coming from it.
And it doesn't burn or make my scalp itch. Praise Angela Bassett!

I honestly thought I was going to have to give up me doing my own hair because my scalp was having a vicious reaction to the chemicals in the fake hair. Even after I ACV soaked & washed them.
Then while looking for alternatives, I stumbled across a YouTube video giving a non-paid, review of this product - and here I am, trying to make sure ya'll don't go out of BIZ-NESS!!!

I need you, the natural black hair community needs to be VERY WELL AWARE of your existence, and I want to thank you for creating this product that has been needed for a VERY long time.

Peace, Love, and The Rubberband Technique!

We're delighted to hear about your fantastic experience with Dosso hair! Your story perfectly highlights the importance of a reliable product.

We're committed to serving the natural black hair community and appreciate your support.

Peace, Love, and Beautiful Hair!


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Yes! After having an awful experience with the regular braiding hair, I researched and found this company and I am so happy with my braids! Minimal itch and the color is so cute! The shipping was super fast and my hair stylist enjoyed working with the hair.

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