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Got just what I needed from you guys, I will be sharing your company with people I know.

Good Looking Hair!

My daughter loves the hair! It's nice and soft and does not shed.

3 Bundle Pack Pre-stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair

Great quality hair!

Excellent quality hair, while it’s a little more pricey than the hair in the shops it’s well worth it for the quality in my opinion.

Braid Shampoo

Love it!

Great hair for locs

This hair is perfect for wrapping over locs and you get a good amount per pack. One of my favorite brands to use as a stylist!

Braid shampoo review

The braid shampoo is wonderful. It gave my scalp instant relief and made my hair feel completely refreshed. Highly recommend!!

It fits perfectly in my purse!

The foldable edge brush is great because its compact and fits perfectly in my purse! When I'm in a rush I can just through it in my bag and style my edge in the car

Great for precise parting!

Love that I can part my hair with the tip of the comb and the metal end with ease!

Innocence is my go to!

It gives me the look of individual lashes for the fraction of the cost and without damaging my real lashes!

My face has never felt more clean

There are so many things to love about the pore purifier! The first is that this device can reach places that my hands and facecloth cannot, my pores! After wearing makeup or a hard day of work, my face feels dirty and using my favorite face wash with the pore purifier is perfection because it clears it right up! I also love the heat and cooling therapy on the back of the device because it helps with my bags whether I'm tired or feeling under the weather

An essential product for extra protection for your edges

Dosso beauty's satin edge scarf is great for protecting my edges when I'm taking a shower, working out or when I'm doing my makeup to keep my hair out of my face

The edge care kit keeps my edges healthy and laid!

The edge care kit has every product that I need to protect, grow and style my edges and I love it

A product for everyday use

This is legit one of my favorite products because it can be used for so many occasions. I use it daily to clean off the day before's organic edge control so that I don't see white residue. I use it when I have my protective style in to clear any product buildup. Lastly, I use it to clean off of my edge brush after I've applied and styled my edge control.

A little goes a long way!

The spring twists are great because the hair can be stretched and used to wrap around the Nu Locs and River Locs

Great hair with a soft texture!

I used this hair to wrap around the River Locs for a Boho look and loved it! the hair is so soft and easy to work with

My new go to hair!

I love it. Hair is lightweight and color is beautiful. It is soft and tangles a bit, but nothing crazy.

Beard Conditioner
Terrance Kidd
Best beard products

Best Products
Fast and quick delivery
My last order was at my door by 7am two days after ordering.

Hair Elixir
Yvette Williams

Love it!!! It’s light on my hair and makes my scalp happy 😊

Soft Locs Kit
Amazing soft loc kit

This is my first time wearing my hair with soft locs. This is some beautiful hair and it did not shed during installation. The hair did not tingle and the loops felt secure with the crochet. The texture of the hair feels very natural. It is very complementary. I have been wearing my hair like this for a week and I did not experience any itching to my scalp. I highly recommend buying this hair . Great job.

River Locs
Ronda Taylor

I absolutely love these locs. The hair has a soft, wavy and very feminine look to them unlike other that are too curly. I just wished they were shorter. 18 inches is too long for me and too heavy. Please get them in 16inches or 14inches!!! Thanks!

Smooth Skin!!

When saw that Kadidja's (CEO of Dosso Beauty) skin looked like she had makeup on but she didn't, I knew it was time to grab these products. They feel amazing on the skin and they're extremely hydrating in these winter months.

Love Dosso

Only braiding hair that doesn't irritate my scalp or have me itching at it throughout the day. This hair is worth the money & it's so natural looking 😍

Finally I hit the Jackpot!!

I’m fairly new to extensions. The 1st and 2nd time I bought another brand it was ok. 3rd they bought random hair while out of town. I literally dug I’m my scalp.. washing didn’t help so I took it out 3weeks in. 4th time went back to original brand. Scalp itching again. Searched online and found out it’s a thing. I found a suggestion for Dosso hair on a Black owned business site. This was my final attempt to find non- allergenic hair. Gurl.. let me tell you. I won’t ever use any other hair. No smell, I could tell it has been washed. I have knotless braids and usually need mousse. My stylist loved the hair and told me I don’t need anything other wash and keep my scalp oiled. It was packaged neatly I’m 5 weeks I’m and happy.

Bundle package

The bundle pack was beautifully put together with all the key products needed for my upcoming braid install. The customer service support prior to ordering gave me the confidence and assurance I was getting everything I needed.