Slay your Summer Styles with Dosso Beauty Braiding Hair

Slay your Summer Styles with Dosso Beauty Braiding Hair

Summer is finally here! And with all the new protective styles that the girlies are rocking on social media, it is important to not only feel beautiful in your summer style but to also know that your hair is truly protected in those protective styles.

Let’s be honest, braids are never going out of style. They are the perfect summertime protective style because they are long-lasting, low maintenance, and super versatile. Unfortunately, the current market is oversaturated with products that are manufactured with toxic chemicals that can be harsh on the scalp, and cause irritation and allergic reactions. 

CEO of Dosso Beauty, Kadidja Dosso, made it her mission to create products that leave customers feeling like THAT GIRL while eliminating the painful reactions caused by the chemicals used in braiding hair on the market– and she has done just that! Dosso Beauty is an online beauty supply store that prioritizes the confidence and safety of its customers, with premium hypoallergenic hair extensions that are lightweight, itch-free, and scalp-friendly. After finding the perfect vendor that aligns with what Dosso Beauty stands for, Kadidja and the Dosso Beauty team have helped their customers feel confident without the hassle of irritation to the scalp. 

            3-Bundle Packs                                                                                                                                      Edge Control


On the Dosso Beauty website, you can choose a Single Pack of hair, which includes one bundle, or a three Bundle Pack of Pre-stretched Braiding Hair. Also available on the Dosso Beauty website is their signature Braid Box, perfect for your next braid install! It includes either (2) 3-Bundle Packs or (6) Single Packs of Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair, organic edge control, an edge brush, a satin braid bonnet, a satin edge scarf, hair elixir, and braid shampoo. All braiding hair comes in a wide variety of colors to help you accomplish any look! 

“First install I haven't had a break out in ten years. I still rinsed the hair myself, but no residue showed up in the water. So happy I don't have to spend money on real human hair. This is definitely my new go-to. So happy this brand is out there.” says customer Rachel Carr. Dosso Beauty has pre-stretched, clean braiding hair that is long-lasting and perfect for those with sensitive scalps. Customer Marie Martinez says, “I’ve had braids in for 2 1/2 weeks now and they still feel and look fresh. I will be buying it again the next time I get braids done.” Celebrity hairstylist, Sharif Poston has used Dosso Beauty hypoallergenic braiding hair on red-carpet looks for actresses Bresha Webb and Charmaine Bingwa!


                                                                                            Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair

Boho knotless braids have taken social media by storm and Dosso Beauty is already one step ahead! At the end of this month, Dosso Beauty will be releasing a synthetic hypoallergenic Body Wave hair to help achieve this Bohemian box braid look and give you the voluminous look this style is known for. There is no doubt that this hairstyle will have you breaking necks and with the intentionally clean beauty products at Dosso Beauty be prepared for your DM’s to be flooded with questions about how you got your hair to look so good! 



                                                                                             Dosso Beauty Instagram


Hair braiding is deeper than just a trend on social media, for many in the black community it is a way of life and a form of expression. Hair braiding styles date back thousands of years ago and are embedded in black culture. It has allowed the black community a way to show their individuality while keeping their natural hair protected. Unfortunately, as years have passed a lot of other braiding hair currently on the market contain chemicals like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is a plastic-made synthetic material that can cause irritation to the scalp, and lead to intolerable symptoms. PVC is made up of dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotins, which can be toxic to your health. These toxic additives can evaporate into the air over time, posing an unnecessary threat to our environment. It’s a no from me!

Dosso Beauty prides itself on providing eco-friendly and affordable braiding hair, while not compromising the quality whatsoever. Their clean braiding hair is Kanekalon and has been cleansed of the toxic chemicals that cause itchy scalps and other health problems. Kanekalon is a higher-quality synthetic fiber that is lightweight, soft, and gentle on the skin and fingertips. Kanekalon is easy to use and braids well, which gives it a nice natural appearance of human hair without having to break the bank.

Deciding what style you want to accomplish next is pretty much the most challenging part regarding braids. There are so many different looks you can experiment with and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Fear no more! Dosso Beauty will not have you out here looking crazy!  “The Braid Corner” is a one-stop shop network on the Dosso Beauty website that connects stylists with clients. The seamless navigation allows stylists to network and promote their business, as well as link customers to stylists. Stylists on the Braid Corner are located all across the United States, including; Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, and many more. And if you are ever stuck on which style you want next, Dosso Beauty posts tons of inspiration pictures on their Pinterest page to help you plan your summer looks! 

From the humidity of the sun, sandy beaches, and restless summer nights, maintaining your natural hair care routine might not fit into your summer plans. Braided styles have remained supreme for the summertime and Dosso Beauty wants you to enjoy your summer without worrying about harsh chemicals in your hair. Make sure to share your looks with us on social media, and tag us on Instagram @dossobeauty in all your summer slays!

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