Frequently Asked Questions

Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customers before purchasing an item. If you have other questions, please just send it to

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What is hypoallergenic braiding hair?

Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair is Kanekalon that has been cleansed of the toxic chemicals that cause scalp irritation and many other health issues. We sourced this product because thousands of people suffered from scalp irritation for far too many decades and now we have a better option!

What are the toxic chemicals in Kanekalon Braiding Hair Called?

The toxic chemicals in most braiding hair are called Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are gasses that are emitted into the air from products or processes that are potentially toxic and carcinogenic.

Which type of hair is hypoallergenic?

Why is my edge control turning white?

Must start with a clean canvas, remove all product residue from edgers and edge brush with our Braid Shampoo. Remember to always close your edge control to eliminate drying out the product.

I have 4C hair, will the edge contol work on my hair?

Yes, our edge contro works on all hair types and will be able to hold down your edges.

Is Dosso Beauty’s Marley Hair hypoallergenic?

Yes, we have finally been able to source a Hypoallergenic Marley Hair.

How long does it take for my products to be shipped to me?

Orders that are placed on our business days (Monday-Friday) before 5pm EST will be processed and shipped within 24-48 hours.

If your order is placed over the weekend, then it will begin its 24-48 hour processing on the upcoming Monday.

We currently offer 4 shipping options: Standard (5-7 Business Days), Expedited (3-5 Business Days), Express (2 Business Days), Overnight (1 Business Day) & In-person pickup (Philadelphia, PA). All of the shipping options are made available to the customer at checkout.

Please be mindful of your hair appointment date and the speed in which you select for your shipping method. We suggest to purchase your products so that it arrives to you at least 5 days before your appointment to avoid any delays with the shipping couriers.

After your order is shipped by us, we are no longer in control of your package, the shipping carrier UPS is. If you have questions about your delivery, feel free to call the UPS Customer Service Line ( +1 (800) 742-5877 ) for further assistance.

Why are prices of the products higher on Amazon and Walmart?

Each platform includes a fee for shipping and fulfillment.

Issues with my order on Walmart/Amazon. Who should I direct my questions to?

All Walmart and Amazon issues should be directed to those respective platforms. Their customer service representative will be able to assist you.

How many packs of hair should I order?

Please refer to our Braiding Hair Purchasing Guide or ask your hair stylist for guidance.

How many bundles are in a pack?

-If you have chosen the 3 Bundle Pack Pre-stretched Braiding Hair there are “3”.

-If you have chosen a Single Pack of hair there is “1” bundle in a pack.

Can Dosso Beauty Marley Hair be used for faux locs?

Yes! We also offer 18” Crochet River Locs that are pre-made and 32” Hypoallergenic Crochet Nu Locs.

How many strands come in each bundle?

River Locs (24) | Marle Hair (14) | Water Wave (24)

Is Dosso Beauty a Hair Salon?

Nope! We’re an online beauty supply store, but through our braid corner we can connect you with hair stylists in your local area.

What if my hair starts itching while Dosso Beauty Braiding Hair is installed?

There are a few ways to alleviate your hair from itching during your install:

- Be sure to moisturize your scalp daily as well as your actual braids themselves!

- Use a braid shampoo to cleanse your scalp of any additional product build up, etc. (Our suggested braid shampoo Dark and Lovely Cleansing Water)

- Use Scalp Cleansing Lotions (Canivvy Scalp Bliss Organic Serum)

- ACV Rinse (How To Article)

My ends are unraveling, what do I do?

Be sure that your braids are tightly braided at the ends and carefully dip your ends in hot water to seal your ends. After Towel Drying your braids, be sure to seal them with hair moose.

If the hair I want is out of stock. Could I be notified of the restock date?

Yes, please sign up to our subscribers list , select the hair of choice, and click “NOTIFY ME”. We will send you an update via email.

Why have shipping prices increased?

UPS and USPS rates are based upon the market price. Unfortunately, as they fluctuate and increase, our prices have to adjust accordingly in order to remain effective and profitable. To ensure that all of our orders are shipped in a timely manner, we’ve procured a fulfillment center which is why there is a handling fee.

Where is the Philadelphia Pick-up Location?

The Philadelphia Pickup Location is located in the Wynnefield Area of Philadelphia. The exact address will be provided to you when you place and order and select Philadelphia Pick-up Location.

When should I expect my order to ship?

Orders cleared for payment and received with standard shipping Monday through Friday between 9am to 4pm CT are in queue to ship same day or within the next business day. For expedited shipping, if entered Monday through Thursday by 4pm CT, orders will be in queue to process and ship same day.

Could I receive a refund or exchange if I ordered the wrong color?

All returns and exchanges must be unopened. A photo of your package must be sent to to determine eligibility. For more information visit our Store Policy Page.

If I paid for express shipping and did not receive my order on time, will I be refunded?

If your order was shipped out in a timely manner from our warehouse and is delayed via the shipping provide shipping; please reach out to the shipping provider for your refund.