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Carro makes it easy for influencers, artists and creators to get products from Dosso Beauty and create great content.

Step 1

Click the affiliate link and it will take you to the Dosso Beauty Homepage, please add the product that you want to create content for in the cart.

Step 2

Click on the Carro icon on the top left side of screen to start the application. (Make sure product is available)

Step 3

Confirm the product you're requesting and press 'Next'

Step 4

Agree to the kind of content you will create in exchange for the product and delivery timeframe. Press 'Next'.

Step 5

Tell us about yourself or anything that makes your collaboration unique. Product requests with more details are more likely to be approved. Press 'Next'

Step 6

Verify that your are an Instagram influencer. You must have more than 5,000 followers on Instagram or be invited by a brand in the Carro network.

Step 7

Allow Carro to receive your Instagram profile information and media. Press 'Allow'

Step 8

You're logged in and verified with Instagram. Press 'Next'

Step 9

Confirm you collaboration summary with inserting your shipping information then press 'Next'

Step 10

Await our decision via email. Make sure you are following Dosso Beauty on Instagram and Facebook.