Kiara Brown Dosso Beauty Braider of the Month

Kiara Brown Dosso Beauty Braider of the Month

Each month Dosso Beauty wants to highlight hair stylists that are a part of our Braid Corner. “The Braid Corner” is a one-stop shop network on the Dosso Beauty website that connects stylists with clients. The seamless navigation allows stylists to network and promote their business and link customers to stylists. Stylists on the Braid Corner are located all across the United States, including; Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, and many more.

The Braider of the Month for September is Kiara Brown. Kiara is a hair stylist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her hair journey began when she was a child practicing on her own head and on her friends and family. In the 9th grade, she started working in a salon as a shampoo girl. She started professionally doing hair in 2018, where she focused on braids, locs, and natural and protective styles. Kiara transitioned from an in-home stylist to working in a salon to help boost her clientele and provide a more professional experience for her customers. In her salon, she is able to offer more services and overall, be a more versatile hairstylist. 

When asked about her favorite style to do, Kiara says, “Knotless braids; anything that's simple but you can turn it into something cute by styling it.” Kiara pulls inspiration from Instagram stylists, Pinterest boards, and other social media trends. Social media has heavily influenced the hair community when it comes to inspo pictures and learning new styles to do. Kiara says that hairstylist pages such as Napstar and Langway are exceptionally good at their craft and she loves drawing inspiration from their styles. 

Kiara shares that as much as social media has helped her in her hair journey it also can be her biggest enemies at times. Kiara shares how easy it is to get discouraged when seeing someone thriving at something you’re still perfecting. Kiara says to overcome this imposter syndrome, “If others can see the talent and value in you, you need to as well.” Especially now in a generation that revolves around the internet, Kiara shares this advice for new stylists embarking on their journey. “Just keep going. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t pay too much attention to other stylists. Look at them for inspiration but don’t compare yourself.”


Kiara talks about a full circle moment for her partnering with Dosso Beauty as the resident braider. CEO Kadidja Dosso and Kiara Brown grew up together; however, they never shared their interests in hair with one another. They eventually both found a love and passion for hair and although they went in different directions they eventually reconnected. Now, Kiara and Kadidja work together to bring a quality hair braiding experience to all of Dosso Beauty’s clients.

In the upcoming future, we can expect to see Kiara paying it forward and using her talents to help her community. She expressed interest in working with more stylists to help put together more back-to-school drives, braiding classes, and more. 

Kiara Brown continues to grow and flourish as a braider and we thank her for all she does for Dosso Beauty! 

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This is so amazing and I’m so happy to be apart of this brand! Thank you so much for the feature ladies! I will forever be grateful for Dosso Beauty


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