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Pear Wood Beard Comb

Pear Wood Beard Comb

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Detangle, moisturize, and reduce damage to your beard with our Pear Wood Beard Comb. This comb is perfect for:

Reducing product buildup
Distributing oils evenly throughout your beard
Maintaining a healthy, tangle-free beard

Pear wood is an amazing comb material because it absorbs your favorite oils, vitamins and other natural beard products and helps to evenly distribute them throughout your hair. For best results, begin combing your beard from the end of your hair follicles and work your way upwards towards the root.

Pair this comb with our Beard Balm and Fresh Beard Oil for best results!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Isaiah Simpson
Great comb for heavy beards

I have a full beard and its nothing worst then a comb getting stuck in your beard all while pulling hairs out because its entangled. This comb is the opposite it's made from wood with oils that have been saturated in it that causes it not to tangle. Excellent for combing shampoo,conditioner and oil thru your beard!

Perfect Beard Comb

Incredibly smooth comb. It does not tear at the hair and sifts through it as if it were wet.

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