Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair (Tri-color)

Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair (Tri-color)

Please place your order for your hair 2 weeks prior to your appointment to account for shipping delays via USPS. If you need your hair sooner, select the Priority Mail Shipping option to ensure that your package is delivered in time.


Are you tired of washing your braiding hair before you have it installed? Save prep time on your braiding install by using our Pre-Stretched, Hypoallergenic/Itch-Free Braiding Hair! Our 28 inch braiding hair is easy to use and includes the below key features:


• Pre-stretched (Prevents wasting excess hair)

• Anti-Bacterial (Healthy & Natural Hair without the risk of bacteria)

• Itch-Free (No need to pre-wash braiding hair before installing)

• Fast Drying

• Soft Texture

• Lightweight

• Pre-Layered for a natural feathered style

• Flame Retardant

• Hot Water Set


Our Pre-stretched Hypoallergic Braiding Hair is also available for Wholesale purchase. Check out our prices on our Wholesale Page and send us an inquiry to make your purchase!


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