28inch Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic / itch free braiding hair starting at $3.99!

Hair Elixir & Rice Water

Hair Elixir & Rice Water

Are you looking to grow your hair and elasticity to it simultaneously?


Our Hair Elixir & Rice Water are the perfect combination for growing and maintaing your hair's strength.  The Hair Elixir's rich minerals and vitamins help to moisturize your scalp and promote extensive hair growth while our rice water provides the strong elatic bounce that will help prevent breakage and damaged ends.


These products are perfect for if you wear your hair naturally or would like to keep your hair nourished underneath a protective style. The Hair Elixir can be used everyday while the rice water should be used twice a month on wash days before you apply your deep conitioner.

    $18.00 Regular Price
    $16.00Sale Price

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