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Fresh Beard Oil

Fresh Beard Oil

SKU: 10005

Our FRESH Beard Oil moisturizes your facial hair, promotes growth, and will leave a refreshing scent with everyone you come in contact with. FRESH Beard Oil is created with all organic and natural ingredients including the following:

- Coconut Oil

- Almond Seed Oil

- Argan Oil

- Vitamin E

- Various Essential Oils

  • Product Info

    For best use of our Beard Oil, ensure that your beard is damp before applying it to your beard. Once beard is damp apply 2-4 drops to your hands and massage the oil into your beard ensuring that your beard is fully moisturized.

    To avoid the Beard Oil from solidifying, be sure to keep the product in a warm area. If the Oil hardens, simply warm the bottle with your hands by rubbing it together to create friction.

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