Zack Pegues

If you are in need of a catering company, book with The Pegues Palace because an experience is guaranteed! We sat down with the owner, Zachary Pegues, and he gave us his keys to the game of running a successful business.

The Definition

“Confidence starts with your belief in yourself and understanding your purpose. Without purpose, you cannot have confidence because you’re believing in something with no substance behind it. Your confidence is driven from your purpose and you define your purpose.”

Tell us about the birth of your catering company, The Pegues Palace

“It came from my apartment when I would cook for a couple friends when we would watch sports games. I went from cooking for 2 people to 200 people. My friends motivated me month after month to keep going and trying different stuff. I’m very personable which is important because food and eating is not only about the taste, but about the experience. My business has allowed me to bloom because I have returning customers and new customers due to my personality and ability to be professional.

What sets you apart from other catering businesses?

The originality of just being ourselves. Everytime we feed, it’s a potluck. We don’t just bring the food, we actually build relationships with people. I did a gig at a school in DC for about 75 teachers and I was able to sit down and talk with them while they were eating. Once I uncover the food, I like to treat it as a gathering. I don’t look at people as customers, I look at them as family. I don’t like to make the food the centerpiece either, I see it as an addition to the event.

When did you first fall in love with cooking?

By the spring of 2017, it was a wrap after cooking for my friends and realizing I was good at this.

What does the future hold for the The Pegues Palace?

I really want to teach African American men the importance of cooking. I have a mentee in DC who I invite to watch me during catering gigs. It’s a stereotype that only women can cook and I want to break that. Men don’t only barbecue, we can bake and cook other food. My goal is to teach African American men how to not only cook but how to run a successful business. Eventually, I want to open my own restaurant.

How does your craft turned business impact the community around you?

I have challenged friends and associates to think further than just corporate America by inviting them to join my team. Lebron James is one of my favorites but not just for basketball, I follow him because he hired friends and the people around him in his business ventures. I want to take the same approach of bringing in friends in hopes of growing and learning together. I want to give my friends an opportunity to grow in passions that they like as well.

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