Dresden Davis

If you haven’t visited The Curlie Cook website and blog, you are missing out on some excellent recipes! This time last year, Dresden Davis created the Curlie Cook to share her love for cooking with the world. Check out the interview for all the insider details!

The Definition

“Confidence is internal positivity. I don’t think anyone can influence you, you really have to feel it within yourself. It’s very individualized, it looks different on different people. As you learn yourself, spend time with yourself, and learn to like and love yourself, you will build a lot of confidence.”

Grandmothers always have the keys to the kitchen. Describe a vivid memory you have cooking with your grandmother.

She passed away in the summer of 2017 and I graduated in May of 2016. After graduation, something just told me to go spend a week or two with her and my grandfather. She was teaching me how to make a homemade layer cake, and when I say homemade I mean the caramel, icing, all of that from scratch. She was getting frustrated and so was I because it just wasn’t coming out right. Every time I think about her, I think of that memory and laugh because she was so frustrated when the cake came out lopsided. I really wanted to learn from her because she was the type who cooked three meals a day. We also found a lot of newspaper clippings of recipes that she would go off of when making her own and I still have a few of those.

Why did you create The Curlie Cook? Tell us your journey.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking. In college,I would cook for roommates and friends because we were all broke and just come together to make something. I’ve always enjoyed connecting with people over food but eating out is expensive and when you do it a lot, it’s not fun. I started sharing the things I was making on Snapchat and Instagram Story and people began to ask me a lot of questions about recipes, grocery shopping, and eating for weight loss. The goal is to show other millennials how easy it is to make the things you love at home. I followed a lot of other black women on Instagram who cooked but their recipes were so intricate and fancy. A lot of us (millennials) don’t have those things in our house so I wanted my target audience to be us. It’s still surreal that people go to my website to look for things to cook. To me, cooking comes so natural.

Scenario: It’s date night and you are cooking, what’s on the menu?

I actually have a rule that I don’t cook for men who are not my boyfriend. I get a lot of dm’s from guys asking when I’m going to cook for them. I made the mistake of cooking for a guy and it was a very bad experience. Cooking is very personal to me! I always make certain things and know that I will make the dish when I have a man and this could be the one to make him fall in love. When the time comes, I’ll probably make the salmon and grits, the blueberry lemon whiskey drink, and re-create the butter cake from Mastros in DC.

What are your goals in 2019 for The Curlie Cook?

My number one goal is to host a dinner party in the DMV area. I am currently trying to figure out venues for that while also starting to write a cookbook. It’s hard because I want to produce content for my blog but not release everything on there so I have created some recipes and kept them separate. Oh, I also want everyone in the world to have my blackening seasoning.

What is your ultimate goal in targeting millennials?

My ultimate goal in targeting millennials is to show them/us how easy it is to cook and

how much you can save by doing it. We spend a lot of money eating out, which is great, but cooking at home is so much cheaper. I want millennials to see that you don’t have to

go out every time you want a great meal.

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