Dosso Beauty Wholesale Program

Are you a beauty supply store owner, salon owner, hair stylist or interested in launching your own beauty product line? Then look no further because Dosso Beauty has an incredible Wholesale, Private Label and White Label Program that will allow you to purchase our high quality products at a lower rate than our average consumer! Below are the descriptions of the three different ways that you can purchase our products through the Wholesale Program:

Wholesale - Wholesale orders consist of purchasing MoQ (Minimum of Quantity) of 30 products of one product type at a lower cost than the retail price. (For example, in order to receive the wholesale price for our Pre-Stretched Braiding hair your total quantity of hair would have to be 30. You can choose whichever colors/quantities that you prefer as long as the total quantity of the order is at least 30 products of one type.)


Private Labeling - Private label orders include the product desired, custom packaging and other custom branded materials as requested. Private Label orders have a MoQ of 500 products.


White Labeling - White labeling does not include custom packaging or custom labels for the products purchased. There is NO MoQ for White Label orders.


Products available for Wholesale, Private Labeling or White Labeling

Payment Terms

All orders must be paid in full prior to the shipment of goods. Shipping time and price varies based upon the product availability and quantity. Wholesale, private label & white label orders must be placed via email ( and an  itemized invoice and link to complete the payment will be sent for confirmation. The invoice will include cost and quantity of goods, any service or design fees and shipping/handling. If you have any questions please reach out to our CEO via email at

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